Common Injuries in Car Accidents

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Car accidents are a serious threat to Mississippi residents. In 2014, for example, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that there were a total of 543 fatal car wrecks in the state, resulting in 607 deaths. The total mortality rate for Mississippi car accidents was 20.3 for every 100,000 people, which rates as very high compared to other states. Although some accidents may result in minor personal injuries or property damage, many other collisions leave victims with devastating, painful, and sometimes life-altering personal injuries. Whether it is soft tissue damage, broken bones, brain trauma, or a spinal cord injury, understanding the nature and extent of the harm that you have suffered is important in ensuring that you receive the compensation that you need and deserve. Jackson car accident lawyer M. Devin Whitt has fought tenaciously for the rights of victims who are coping with catastrophic injuries caused by a careless driver. He can represent people throughout Mississippi, in counties including Rankin, Madison, Hinds, Warren, Forrest, Lauderdale, Yazoo, Simpson, Copiah, and Lincoln Counties.

Pursuing Compensation for Injuries in Car Accidents

Back and neck injuries are two of the most common injuries that result from car accidents, and they pose some of the highest risks of long-term conditions and disabilities among all types of injuries. If you have an occupation that requires substantial physical activity, a neck or back injury can be severely limiting.

Deep muscle bruising, tissue damage, broken or fractured bones, and lacerations also commonly result when a victim’s body makes sudden contact with the interior of a vehicle upon impact. These injuries are often extremely painful and may require extensive recovery time. Knee and shoulder injuries also may occur, frequently requiring replacement surgeries and ongoing therapies.

In especially devastating accidents, a spinal cord injury may change a victim’s life forever, leading to paralysis such as quadriplegia or paraplegia. Brain trauma also may result when someone else acts carelessly behind the wheel. Victims may suffer from learning deficits, memory loss, trouble sleeping, personality changes, and depression.

If you have been hurt as the result of another driver’s carelessness, Mississippi law allows you to file a negligence claim to pursue compensation for your injuries. In a personal injury action, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, failed to act according to that duty, and caused injuries and damages as a result. Applied to the operation of a motor vehicle, the standard of care requires taking precautions such as complying with relevant laws, refraining from engaging in distracted driving, keeping a safe following distance from other vehicles, and responding alertly to any hazards or changes in weather, traffic, or road conditions.

Depending on the severity of the victim’s injuries, many forms of compensation may be available. Paralysis and brain trauma, among other serious conditions, may require treatment and procedures well into the future, as well as assistance in daily activities for the rest of the victim’s life. Compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost earning capacity, and any other costs arising from the accident may be obtained. Victims who are experiencing pain or emotional distress may seek damages for these less tangible forms of harms as well. An affected loved one or spouse may be able to pursue damages for loss of consortium in a related claim. It is important to go over the full extent of your injuries with your doctors and your attorney so that you can pursue all of the compensation that you deserve.

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